Crémant de Luxembourg

The crémant is based on healthy, aromatic grapes with a refreshing acidity, favoured by the geographic location of Luxembourg’s winemaking region. The combination of selected cultivars, composition of the vintage and the maturity period makes unparalleled products, turning Crémant de Luxembourg into a very special experience for the palate.

The term « Crémant »

may be used only for quality sparkling wine, white or rosé, with protected designation of origin if:

  • the grapes are harvested by hand
  • the wine is obtained from the must from pressing whole grapes
  • no more than 100 litres of must are obtained from 150 kilos of grapes
  • the vintage turns into sparkling wine through a second alcoholic fermentation in the bottle
  • the vintage is stored on its lees for at least nine months without interruption in the same winery
  • the sparkling wine is separated from its lees by disgorging
  • the highest content of sulphur dioxide does not exceed 150 mg/l
  • the sugar content amount is less than 50 g/ l