The region, people and tradition shape the product: wine. In our globalised world, the indication of origin is becoming more important again, emerging as more of an antithesis to the technically and often excellently produced but soulless wines, from all over the world. Our terroir shapes our wines. Our tradition and strength are based on the unique character of our origin. One of the central keys to guarantee the quality of our wines for the future, is the orientation towards the internationally recognised « principle of origin », which also forms the basis of the European wine market reform.

The aim is to combine this indication of origin with a quality claim: Luxembourgish wines are premium wines! The main purpose of the « Appellation d’Origine Protégée – Moselle Luxembourgeoise » ( AOP ) [ protected designation of origin ], is to protect the nationally important wine from the Moselle Valley and thus to enhance its value. The new quality system makes it possible to serve the broad market on one hand, but also to use cru wines to promote the wines of Luxembourg’s Moselle Valley in general. Thanks to the precise limitation of the vineyards and the smaller yields per hectare, these premium products make an important contribution to the image of our wine-growing region.

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