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25e Concours national des crémants

Voilà 25 ans que la Fédération na- tionale française des producteurs et élaborateurs de crémant – les ré- gions viticoles Alsace, Bordeaux, Bourgogne, Die, Jura, Limoux et Loire sont membres de la première heure – organise tous les ans un concours de crémant.


Hachette guide

After the Champagne, the Rhône valley, Cognac, Corsica and the Midi-Pyrenées, the sixth edition of «Sur la route des vins» from publisher «Hachette» is devoted to the Luxembourg Moselle.


Luxembourg wine - Luxembourg oak

Luxembourg winegrowers took up the challenge to age selected wines in barrels made out of 150 years old Luxembourg oak wood. Using exclusively Luxembourg oak, the barrels are manufactured in traditional french cooperages. The process of the wood can be tracked at any moment from the forest to the winegrowers. A symbol of the successful unification between luxembourgish wine and luxembourgish oak, a wooden wedding ring, manufactured in various social carpentry workshops in Luxembourg, embraces the bottle’s neck.