Whatis the objective of the "Ambassadeur"?

Wine is a product determined by its region, its inhabitants, as well as by tradition. Other factors – and finally yet importantly – are the environment and the people you want to enjoy wine with. Although the Luxembourg wines and crémants are internationally recognized, they are often neglected in the world of restaurants and bars in Luxembourg. Too bad for all the efforts, dynamism and quality awareness that the Luxembourg winegrowers show to create their wines and crémants with character and authenticity, which deserve honor and respect. You can actively contribute to positive changes with your restaurant by participating as “Ambassadeur”.

Whysupport the "Ambassador"?

Your commitment promoting high quality heritage is worth a reward. To emphasize the win-win situation on both sides, you get a nice reward with your participation in the “Ambassadeur” label:

  • Use the wine and sensor training for your employees, organized at the Wine-Institut.
  • Your facility is named in an “Ambassador” guide distributed by tourist offices.
  • Name your facility on our website and the websites managed by the regional tourist offices.
  • Use the utensils suitable for the world of wine (corkscrew, coasters, drop-stop, etc.).
  • Benefit from posts on our Facebook page (Wines & Crémants Luxembourg) and press releases.
  • Visibility of your participation by placing the high-end “Ambassadeur” label to the entrance of your company.

Howto become an "Ambassadeur"?

It’s simple: be proud of our Luxembourgish wines and crémants and underline this on your wine list. A task that will appear very easy to you if you are convinced of the exceptional freshness and the characteristic features of Luxembourgish wines and crémants.

If you wish to obtain the “Ambassadeur” label, simply complete and send us the form below and respect the following specifications:

  • Luxembourgish wines and crémants are at the beginning of your wine list.
  • If you offer at least 20 Luxembourg wines or a third of all wines on the wine list, they must be of Luxembourg origin.
  • Offer at least 6 Luxembourg wines in a glass.

  • Offer at least 5 crémants de Luxembourg.

  • Offer at least 2 Luxembourg crémants in a glass.

  • Make sure that the wines are correctly indicated on the wine list (details of the grape varieties, the vintage, the location and the winery)
  • When serving, pay attention to the choice of the right glass and temperature of the wine.


… If becoming an Ambassadeur for Luxembourg wines and crémants would be an honor for you, fill out the application form for your participation, send it to info@vins-cremants.lu and pay particular attention to the listed criteria.

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